The big upcoming race is about to start!

Yes, we cannot wait anymore for this great event that is going to be the main attraction in this city! There will be last year’s winners, cycling experts who have retired, amateur riders, cycling experts and professionals who have been into this industry for a long time. The event will last two days, where the second day will be reserved for celebrating and a good time. The first day is reserved only for races and awards!

Wednesday – 2019 Otley Cycle Race

The 4th of July will be the day for the Men and Women’s National Circuit Series! This will be the 34th year of this event and it will, like always, host the best cyclers from the island. This will be one of the most important days in calendar for cycling enthusiasts so make sure you do not miss this event! The event starts at 6PM with the Youth Race opening (for boys under 16). Every year there are rookies or rising starts that open the event, and it is the same this year as Max Poole from Bike Box Alan, who will be racing against the Joe Pidcock and Fin Pickering who will also try to take the title. Once the boys kick off, the girls (under 16) will start their race and will race concurrently.  Among girls lineup, we expect the best results from Ava Oxley Szilagyi as she is the first name of WGS Landscapes and biggest hope!

18-45 – Pinsent Masons’ Race

Upon the completion of girls’ race, it is the time for real women race! At 18:45, the Pinsent Masons start the race where they will be represented by the Nicola Juniper and Storey Racing. This part of the competition shows the best female racers from the whole country and ensures the title for the best woman’s racer for this year. One hour after, the amateur race starts where 100 cycling amateurs will compete and try to win the title for the best amateur racer. Not only the residents of the West Yorkshire will attend, but also amateur riders from other parts of the country. The race will be opened by the last years’ winners: Mark Cavendish, Scott Thwaites and Jeremy Hunt.

The people who organized this event say that is expected to see the increased number of visitors who will attend the event. Also, Yorkshire Classic Porsche will give Porsche 911 to go in front of the race and it is one of the main sponsors!