The 3 Best Cycling Brands

Bicycles are used a lot for commuting, especially when the e-bikes emerged on the scene. When compared to other types of vehicles, it is safe to say that bicycles are the cheapest and the healthiest forms of transportation. When it comes to professional cycling, different types of bicycles are used in this sport. These days, there are literally tons of different bicycles so how to choose the one for you? That depends on several facts, which we will discuss some other time. Instead, we will use this article to show you three best cycling brands that you must consider if you are thinking of the professional bicycles.

Merida Bikes

This is Taiwan-based company that started with production during the 1970s. They have revolutionized the cycling industry in 1972. by inventing a stylish and convenient bicycle that was a combo bicycle. This bicycle was a mountain and road bike at the same time and it was available at the reasonable and not so expensive price. These bicycles are available in more than 70 countries all over the world, making this brand very popular among cyclers who are looking for a budget-bicycle. These bicycles are present both in amateur and professional sphere of cycling. They offer premium quality and stylish design for a good price.

Marin Cycles

This company comes from the Marin County in California, USA. It was founded in 1986 and has been producing and selling high-quality bikes for half of the world. At some point of time, this was considered to be the best cycling company in the whole world, however, that changed during the 2000s when new companied emerged and entered the market. Though they are specialized for mountain bikes, they have manufactured many versions of a road/racing bikes that shoed fantastic performance and great results. Each bicycle is uniquely designed and offers comfort, stability and speed. They are considered to be one of the best bicycle brands in the world at the moment.

Giant Bicycles

Another Taiwan-based company that holds the title for the best bicycle company at the moment and it has manufacturing plants in Netherlands and China as well. They have more than 12,000 shops over the world, making this company the most present one of all others, making more than a billion dollars of annual revenue. Their bikes are well-known for dual smooth and comfortable suspension systems, making these ideal for long cycling sessions. Though these can be a bit expensive, the bicycles from this company are worth every penny and if you are looking for a professional bicycle for a long rides, this should your choice.