Our efforts have not been in vain for the past 34 years as we have managed to transform a small event of cycling enthusiasts to a professional cycling event, with the race, sponsors, awards and social gatherings that hosts many people from the whole UK.

We started as a small group who wanted to make something for themselves, but managed to grow into a serious organization over the time. Therefore, our mission is to extend the existence of this event on the future years, bringing more people ever year and making this event the worldwide trademark that will gather cyclists from around the world!

Past Winners:

Elite Race: 

1985 Dave Mann
1986 Phil Axe
1988 Vince Macklam
1989 Mike Bragan
1990 Steve Rigby
1991 Alan Taylor
1992 Paul Barrett
1993 Dave Williams
1994 Dave Williams
1995 Dave Williams
1996 Jon Clay
1997 Jon Clay
1998 Jon Clay
1999 Chris Walker
2000 Chris Walker
2001 Chris Newton
2002 Russell Downing
2003 Chris Newton
2004 Steve Cummings
2005 Mark Cavendish
2006 Russell Downing
2007 James McCallum
2008 Graham Briggs
2009 Jeremy Hunt
2010 Ian Wilkinson
2011 Scott Thwaites
2012 Scott Thwaites
2013 Felix English
2014 Adam Blythe

Classic Race:

2003 Dave Stephens
2004 Richard Hepworth
2005 Adam Blythe
2006 Giles Pidcock
2007 Damian Sharp
2008 Alistair Wood
2009 Giles Pidcock
2010 Stuart Reid
2011 Gary Adamson
2012 Lee Tunnicliffe
2013 William Thomas
2014 Nathan Draper

Women’s Race:

2013 Elinor Barker
2014 Lizzie Armitstead