Cycling In The United Kingdom And Famous Routes

Have you ever wondered why cycling is so popular in the UK? How did all started and who invented this sport? What is status at the moment? We will discuss these questions in this article in order to offer people a better insight into the whole matter. Since we are the part of Otley’s cycle race, we might attract more visitors after this text.

How did all started?

John Kemp Starley is the inventor of a modern bicycle and he invented the first bicycle in 1885 and since the popularity of cycling has been growing.  At first, the bicycles were not used for races, as there were no such concept and no could even think of an event where you compete with other people who ride bicycle to get to the finish line first. Instead, these were used by workers who commuted to work ever day and the tradition is still alive even today, however in smaller percentage once the motorized vehicles entered the stage. Today, there are a lot of organizations that promote cycling and using it for commuting and we have Cycle To Work concept which is relatively young but very organized. At the moment, around 3% of all commuters use bicycles to travel to work so we will say what will happen in the upcoming times.

The National Cycle Network

It is the national route network made for cycling enthusiasts who wanted to have a fast and accurate access to all roads that are available for cycling. The network was made in 1984 when a part of a railway, which was not used, served as the guideline for the cycling route. Now, it contains around 5,200 miles of routes without any traffic, while it has 11,000 miles on-road routes and you can experience rural and calm roads but also traffic-packed roads that are busy all the time. The whole network contains 10 routes that pass through small and big towns, beautiful landscapes and nature and old-fashioned and traditional mid-century towns.

The most popular races and routes

This island was a part of Tour de France event a couple of times: 1974, 1994,2007 and 2014. However, the Revolution Series events are the biggest ones and the most popular on this island. There are several professional cycling routes that are well-known, including: the Tour of Britain, the Tour de Yorkshire, the Women’s tour and London-Surrey route.