Here Is What You Need To Know About Otley

Otley is a small and peaceful town in West Yorkshire, which was a he market town back in the days, that hosts around 15 thousand people. It is built in the old-century style and its beautiful buildings will make you feel as if you were in a time travel machine, going back to the middle century age. Still, beside the architectural beauty and rich history, this city is well known to all cycling enthusiasts. Ever year, a big cycling event is held that gathers a lot of people from all parts of the UK. This article will explain a few things about its connections to cycling.

A lot of pubs and restaurants

The city of Otley offers a lot of authentic English pubs that offer delicious food and tasty traditional beverages. It has the biggest number of pubs per head of population in the whole country! At least 30 pubs are open and they offer special treats and discounts during the cycling events. One thing that is characteristic for these pubs is that all of these have huge gardens where you can enjoy in food and drinks outdoor.

Why is it so popular for cyclists?

Because of the beautiful sights that you see during the ride. The beautiful rolling hills, dense woods that overlap with farms and countryside sights make this city as one of the most desired cycling destinations. This historic-market town is surrounded by the hills and the smooth roads overlap often with the fantastic landscapes that really inspire everyone who visits this route and city.

Another things is that you do not have to be a professional cyclists to come here and enjoy the ride. There are many other roads that allow you to cycle in a relaxed way, without rush and competition feeling, especially the long climbs that do take energy, but also relax once you go downhill. We could say that Otley is the main and most important cycling destination in the United Kingdom. UCI World Championships, Otley Race and Tour de Yorkshire are the well-known cycling races that many peole visit and follow every year.

One of the most beautiful parts is the destination from Hebden Bridge to the Cragg Vale on the south, which is the longest downhill and its 5.5miles long. On this road you will see a lot of strongholds from the mid-century and some people call it the History Route. On top of this, there are a lot of cycling clubs in the West Yorkshire generally, so no wonder that this town is the UK’s cycling capital.